BANNER for Tim Thomas

My artistic desire is to produce creative and informational artwork.

I am first an illustrator and enjoy working in traditional drawing media creating realistic images, but my whimsical side often surfaces and I also enjoy creating caricatures and humorous cartoons.

I practically live in the Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite software world and produce commercial and graphic art for all media outlet formats including Children's Books, Posters, Promotionals, Websits and Social Media images.

I am an accomplished watercolorist and I am compelled to capture wildlife and the natural environment.

I am partial to promote my home State of Florida and its coastal images: the scenic majesty of the Gulf Coast and all its bays, rivers, and tributaries is superior.

My experience in art and technology drives me to imagine our future world elaborated by its people, cultures, architecture, geography, and wildlife. It is in this area that I yearn to turn my imagination loose for an unbridled journey.

I am a military veteran; having served in the United States Navy and I currently reside in Northwest, Florida - USA with my wife Terri and son Tanis.

- Tim Thomas